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The Storied History of Ebony Magazine, 1945 to Present Day

Black entertainment news

While the landscape of black media and black celebrity news has changed many times over in the past 75 years, Ebony magazine has been a steady constant. As the famous African-American magazine changes owners for the first time in its history, what’s next for the future of black entertainment news in the 21st century?

The Past, Present and Future of Ebony Magazine

For everyone in America, 1945 was a tough year. It was the year that the bloodiest war in the history of planet earth came to a violent conclusion. It was the year President Franklin Delano Roosevelt died. It was also the year that Chicago native John. H. Johnson founded Ebony, the original black magazine. Nine years in the future, Brown v. Board of Education would help usher in a new frontier in t (more…)

Jun 17 2016