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Have You Ever Taken Ballroom Dance Lessons?

What to do . . . what to do?
This is the question that you and your husband have been joking about for months. As you made your way through one of the busiest years of your marriage you reminded yourself that in a year things will slow down. As slightly older parents than most, you have navigated a ridiculously busy year of having to senior in the family. Your older daughter is completing a Bachelor of Arts degree with a biology major from a small liberal arts school in the south. Her campus, 12 hours from your house, has literally become a second home as you have spent many weekends during the last four years traveling to her collegiate gymnastics meets.
Your younger daughter has kept you busy as well. Involved in show choir, marching band, and orchestra all four years of high school, your senior in high school even added cross country to her final year. Balancing her heavy academic load while at the same time being so involved with the music department has required a good dea (more…)

Apr 23 2019