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Sound Like Jimi Hendrix With These Guitar Pedals

T-rex pedals

How can you take your guitar playing to the next level? According to a study slated to be published in The Psychology of Music, guitarists are hotter than their peers. The study featured a male subject asking women for a date in three different scenarios: first, carrying nothing; second, carrying a gym bag; and, third, carrying a guitar case. The subject was most successful with a guitar case in tow.

For most, however, playing the guitar is not just for show. Truly mastering your technique and pulling off some of the effects and riffs of industry favorites requires dedication — and a set of quality guitar effect pedals. What do effect pedals do, and what guitar pedal kits are your favorite musicians using?

Guitar Effect Pedals: What They Do

Jan 30 2014

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Jan 27 2014

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Jan 19 2014

Discover the Benefits of Online Video Advertising

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In May of 2013, the Pew Research Center released compelling data that it collected during an exhaustive study of Americans’ internet usage habits. According to the above study, search, email, shopping, social media, and banking were ranked as the most popular online activities among users aged 14 and up. In the meantime, online video sharing came in at a respectable number 10.

Since YouTube hit the internet scene in 2005, and really began to take off during 2006, online video has shot up the rankings faster than a speeding bullet. The rather lame metaphor, aside, YouTube now garners more than four billion each day. As one would expect, it did not take long for the most ambitious companies to see the potential for creating and posting their own online marketing videos.

Clearly, YouTube is primarily responsib (more…)

Jan 10 2014

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Jan 10 2014