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In May of 2013, the Pew Research Center released compelling data that it collected during an exhaustive study of Americans’ internet usage habits. According to the above study, search, email, shopping, social media, and banking were ranked as the most popular online activities among users aged 14 and up. In the meantime, online video sharing came in at a respectable number 10.

Since YouTube hit the internet scene in 2005, and really began to take off during 2006, online video has shot up the rankings faster than a speeding bullet. The rather lame metaphor, aside, YouTube now garners more than four billion each day. As one would expect, it did not take long for the most ambitious companies to see the potential for creating and posting their own online marketing videos.

Clearly, YouTube is primarily responsible for the explosion that has occurred within the digital video production and video marketing realms. Although the encroachment of paid corporate videos on their once unaccosted video watching habits has annoyed YouTube patrons to no end, at Retail Touchpoints Survey showed that advertising videos increased the likeliness that a buyer would make a purchase by nearly 175%.

While we all find it aggravating to have no choice but to sit through 30 second corporate videos before we can view our videos, the brief inconvenience of sticking it out for a few meager seconds certainly beats paying to set up an account. Therefore, when a company pays video production services to create corporate video, they are really doing all of us a favor.

In light of the rapid growth on online video advertising, online marketing experts predict that it will account for at least a full third of all global advertising expenditures over the next half decade. Although that might cause YouTube fanatics to cringe, it sure is a heck of a lot better than the alternative. Check out this site for more.

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