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Improving Cognitive Function While Providing Your Mind A Break The Power Of A Good Puzzle Set

Our brain is our most powerful muscle. Why not take good care of it?

This is the logic that has gone into the creation of the most classic toy today. The puzzle is an ancient creation, made with the explicit purpose to give people a relaxing, yet invigorating activity. It’s easy to get lost into the little details of a puzzle, figuring out which piece fits where and gradually stitching together a bigger picture. Parents who want their children to put down the phone and people with anxiety looking for a hobby…you’ll want to keep reading. The puzzle has never lost its popularity and we’re going to find out why!

From mental health benefits to history, we’re going to explore the history of the jigsaw puzzle.

Puzzles Have Been Around For Millennia

Think puzzles are a pretty recent invention? It’s quite the opposite! The oldest known puzzle was a dissection of a square mentioned by Archimedes himself all the way back in 250 B.C., making (more…)

May 03 2019