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Have You Ever Taken Ballroom Dance Lessons?

What to do . . . what to do?
This is the question that you and your husband have been joking about for months. As you made your way through one of the busiest years of your marriage you reminded yourself that in a year things will slow down. As slightly older parents than most, you have navigated a ridiculously busy year of having to senior in the family. Your older daughter is completing a Bachelor of Arts degree with a biology major from a small liberal arts school in the south. Her campus, 12 hours from your house, has literally become a second home as you have spent many weekends during the last four years traveling to her collegiate gymnastics meets.
Your younger daughter has kept you busy as well. Involved in show choir, marching band, and orchestra all four years of high school, your senior in high school even added cross country to her final year. Balancing her heavy academic load while at the same time being so involved with the music department has required a good dea (more…)

Apr 23 2019

How to Prepare for Apple Picking this fall

If you are looking for fall fun, then apple picking is one of the farm activities that will no doubt fascinate you. This is because during such a day, there is more than just picking apples during the apple orchard tour. What comes to your mind when you think about apples? It could be the thought of apples evokes memories and thoughts of scenic fields, amazing picnics with amazing foods and fun time with friends and family. There are different best apple hill farms spread across different states. It is worth noting that these apples ripen during different times depending on the location. When it comes to fall activities, apple picking should be among the activities in your bucket list. Before making the decision to visit apple hill apple picking, make sure you choose a warm and dry day. If you are planning to bring a pet, be sure to check with the orchard about their rules and regulations r (more…)

Apr 10 2019

What To Think About When Planning Your Wedding And Honeymoon

Planning a wedding is a very common process indeed. Though the rate of weddings has dropped in recent years, there are still well over two million of them occurring each and every year, according to the data that was gathered in the year of 2017. A wedding is certainly an exciting time for just about every couple out there, marking both a transition and celebratory period for that couple and even for their family members. Therefore, it’s best to take a lot of time to plan out your wedding, as this will help to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible, all things considered.

Of course, there are many things to plan out for your wedding. Your dress or tux, of course, and what your wedding party will wear. Food needs to be considered, as does your guest list. The actual venue for the ceremony and reception are also key to the wedding, as is the actual type of ceremony that you will have. Of course, you’ll need to budget for all of the above and for a number of other expenses tha (more…)

Apr 05 2019

The Effect of Art in Hotels

Art is known for having an emotional effect on people and being an expression of emotion. It generally comes from a place of depth and creativity, and it’s a great way to change the mood in a room. That’s why choosing the right are to hang in a public space is an important business decision.

If you are in charge of decorating a hotel, you will want to give a lot of thought to the hotel lobby art as well as art that goes into the rooms. In fact, you can even hire an art consultant to assist in the process. Hospitality wall art can change the mood of a room and effect how welcome guests feel, so this isn’t something you want to rush through.

Make Guests Feel Welcome

People will judge your hotel lobby instantly. The moment they walk through the doors they will start to form an opinion of your business based on how clean it is and how it’s decorated. C (more…)

Apr 02 2019