The Effect of Art in Hotels

beautiful interior of a luxury resort hotel bedroom (nigh shoot)

Art is known for having an emotional effect on people and being an expression of emotion. It generally comes from a place of depth and creativity, and it’s a great way to change the mood in a room. That’s why choosing the right are to hang in a public space is an important business decision.

If you are in charge of decorating a hotel, you will want to give a lot of thought to the hotel lobby art as well as art that goes into the rooms. In fact, you can even hire an art consultant to assist in the process. Hospitality wall art can change the mood of a room and effect how welcome guests feel, so this isn’t something you want to rush through.

Make Guests Feel Welcome

People will judge your hotel lobby instantly. The moment they walk through the doors they will start to form an opinion of your business based on how clean it is and how it’s decorated. Choosing the right art design can help to convey a sense of comfort, beauty, and being welcomed with open arms.

However, the wrong choices can send a negative message. It can make your lobby look cheap or unsettling. This is where a good hotel art consultant comes in handy. They are experts in how to create a space that gives the right kind of vibe to guests.

The Difference Between Looking High End and Cheap

You don’t have to have most expensive decorations to look like a five star hotel. You just have to make the right choices. Putting the right art in your lobby can lead people to believe that you have the best hotel around without them staying a single night. When they look at photos on your website they will be looking at the decorations to see if your hotel is a nice place to stay or not, and having the right look can land you more bookings.

Everyone wants to stay somewhere beautiful for a good price. If you can make your lobby look high end, give good service, and still offer affordable prices then you will be doing well.

Change the Atmosphere

Hospitality wall art can set the atmosphere for your business. It can be the difference between a space that is relaxing and warm, and something stuffy and uncomfortable. It can create a more energized atmosphere as well if that’s the mood you want to give your customers. It’s all about figuring out what atmosphere you want to convey and then finding art that compliments it.

Hire a Consultant

It’s easy to choose the right hospitality wall art with the help of a consulting company. They can talk with you about your business and what you want to convey with your decor, and then help you achieve it.

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