9 Tips from the Pros to Create the Best Gift Baskets

Selective focus on the front ice cream in wooden basket

Gift baskets can be a lot of fun. People love to get them and love to put them together. Different people like to add different things to their gift bags. There are a lot of options, from adding glitter to Easter basket fillers. Here are some tips to help you make special gift baskets for your friends and family:

  1. Start with one item. The best gift baskets have a theme that comes from one central gift. If you start with an anchor gift, it can be a lot easier to plan the rest of the basket around that idea. If you are making a few of the same baskets, you can start with unique small gifts to give your basket a fun theme.
  2. Do not limit your creativity when it comes to the container.” You do not have to use baskets for your baskets. There are a lot of other kinds of containers you can use. Gift boxes in the shape of Chinese takeout containers can be filled with all sorts of fun surprises for friends and loved ones.
  3. Personalize each basket. One of the fun parts of putting together gift baskets for people is the process of finding things that are tailored to individuals. You can get things such as mini soccer balls for soccer fans, mini paint sets work well for budding artists, and mini horseshoes can bring luck. Surround all of this with Easter basket fillers for a fun look.
  4. Put a gift inside your gift. If the main purpose of the gift is to be fun but you want to add some charitable giving to it. In with the various products and tiny gifts, include a receipt for a donation to your loved one’s favorite charity and you add to the reach of your gift basket.
  5. Mix and match the sizes of the items in your basket. One great way to make your gift baskets look great is to vary the size of the items packed inside. When you have a combination of sizes, you can make sure you do not end up with a bunch of items stuck at the bottom of the basket lost in the Easter basket fillers.
  6. Do not have everything with the same texture. In the same way that you want to mix up the sizes of the items in the basket, you should also have a variety of textures. If the gifts inside your gift baskets are made up of fabrics, glass, food items, and metal, you have a gift basket that is fun and interesting. Include some handmade items in with the things you bought at the store. All of this gives your gift baskets more depth and layers.
  7. Homemade items always make gift baskets more personal and special. If you are a person who likes to do crafts, adding something that you made yourself really puts out the message, “This was made with love for you.” These do not have to be intricate items. Even some homemade cookies can show that you are making the extra effort.
  8. Add bulk to your basket. There are a number of things you can add to your gift baskets to give them some more bang for your buck. Some ideas include homemade brownies or cookies, fun and festive looking condiments, a scarf, or some lotion or even lip balm. Homemade bread also goes a long way in this area.
  9. Add the right filler. As has been mentioned a number of times, Easter basket fillers work well when rounding and filling out gift baskets. There are other things you can add to fill out the gift baskets. Sand can work for gift baskets with a beach or sea theme. Coffee filters can work well for baskets with a java theme. You can be creative with the fillers you use.

When it comes to having fun with gifts, gift baskets take the cake. They can be tailored to individual tastes or made in bulk for friends and family. When you think about putting together gift baskets for your friends, coworkers, family, or anyone else, you should know that there is really no wrong way do to it. The only rule is “have fun!”

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