How to Prepare for Apple Picking this fall

Beautiful young woman in red shirt harvesting apples

If you are looking for fall fun, then apple picking is one of the farm activities that will no doubt fascinate you. This is because during such a day, there is more than just picking apples during the apple orchard tour. What comes to your mind when you think about apples? It could be the thought of apples evokes memories and thoughts of scenic fields, amazing picnics with amazing foods and fun time with friends and family. There are different best apple hill farms spread across different states. It is worth noting that these apples ripen during different times depending on the location. When it comes to fall activities, apple picking should be among the activities in your bucket list. Before making the decision to visit apple hill apple picking, make sure you choose a warm and dry day. If you are planning to bring a pet, be sure to check with the orchard about their rules and regulations regarding pets. Picnic tables at apple hill events are also an amazing way to spend your time as you munch on an apple pie.

Apple Picking Tips
As one of the best fall activities, apple picking is relatively an interesting activity provided you know a little on how to go about it. For example, you know that the apple is ripe if the stem of the apple is easily removable. This can be established with just a gentle twist or a slight pull motion. Given that apple picking is among popular fall activities, you can always plan ahead and call the orchard before the visit to establish the trees that are ripe for picking. Even without this information, be on the lookout for trees with a lot of apples littered on the ground. This is an indication that the tree is ripe-perhaps even more than ripe-for picking. When you are picking the apples, start from the bottom. Most of the orchards can lend you a ladder if you want to go higher. Be mindful of the ladder placement in order to avoid the possibility of injuries.

If apple picking is among your fall activities, then it would mean that you at least have a plan on how to store them after picking. Unfortunately, there is a common mistake that people make that no doubt affects the life of the apples after storage. There is a saying that “one rotten apple wrecks the bunch”. This phrase can directly relate to storing your apples. If you have a bruised apple, avoiding storing it along with the rest of the fresh apples. This is because it will easily rot and take the rest of the bunch with it. After you pick your apples, place them gently inside the bag. Make sure that you store the apples in a cool dry place. If you licked the apples while it was raining, make sure they are dry first before storage.

What to do with the Apples
After an amazing day picking apples, you are now wondering what to do with them apart from just eating them. There are so many things you can do with the apples. You can prepare apple pies, apple donuts or even keep yourself busy baking apples. Other than pie, apple can be made into jam, apple butter, vinegar and many other different food products. This means that their use is only limited to your imagination.

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