3 Reasons Puzzles Are Great For Children

It is the constant mission of someone caring for a child to find ways to entertain and engage them. After all, the human brain makes the most connections among its cells before the age of 10. So it is important in those younger years to consistently engage not only the mind, but the body. Finding fun, educational, and hands-on activities for the child in your life is crucial for their development.

One does not have to look too far for this kind of entertainment. In fact, you probably have the answer lying around somewhere in your house already. One of the most basic yet beneficial ways to interact with your kids is to help them put together a puzzle.

Exercise Their Mind

Puzzles are a fantastic way to get your child’s brain working while allowing them to have fun at the same time. They present an exciting challenge with a visually satisfying reward. Logic and reasoning come into play as they try to figure out where the pieces go. You can even start small with easy puzzles that are less than 100 pieces and then work up to moderately difficult puzzles. 300 piece puzzles offer a greater challenge without being too overwhelming.

Exercise Their Hands

Fine motor skills are a very important part of your son or daughter’s development. They need to practice tasks that challenge their hands and fingers. The process of picking up puzzles pieces and properly fitting them together is a great way to do this. 300 piece puzzles have somewhat smaller pieces that create more of a challenge for your child’s motor skills, and you can work your way up to a larger one over time.

Exercise Their Family Values

Despite how wonderful the other benefits of puzzling may be, the best one is probably the time you can spend together as a family while doing it. You can teach your child the importance of family time and working together (as well as not yelling at their sibling for putting a piece in the wrong place). When you’re all finished you can even frame your puzzle and hanging it up as a reminder of the fun time you had doing it together.

Making learning fun is going to make parenting easier. Do something that is beneficial for the whole family and go back to the basics. You’ll be glad you did!

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