5 Places to Hold a Wedding

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There are so many options when it comes to wedding venues and decorating options. Some places come already decorated and you really don’t have to do a lot and then there are places that are an entire blank canvas for you to spread out your ideas and vision on. The type of place you go for really just depends on the kind of person you are. Of course there are certain factors in place such as budget and size, etc but for the most part, wedding rentals come in all shapes and sizes and ready for you to take your pick. Here are a few ideas of places that might be open to you.

Rent a Tent for a Wedding
If you want to rent a tent for a wedding there are various ways that you could do it. There’s all kinds of sizes of tents, depending on how big your wedding is going to be. The nice thing about a tent is that it doesn’t really matter where you hold the wedding, if it’s going to be inside the tent, you can decorate it how you want and it will still be beautiful. Alternatively, if you want to rent a tent for a wedding that is on the harbor or has a nice view outside then just opt for a tent that only has the covering over the top rather than the sides as well. You could always tie back the sides in case you are worried about the temperature. Then if it gets too cold, you could close the sides and retain the heat.

Or a Church
This is the most traditional place to hold a wedding. If you want to get married in a church then you might have to sit through some courses. Most churches require at least one of the couple be apart of the particular faith and that the two of you go through a premarital counselling course or sessions. You will probably have to sign something to the effect of how you are going to uphold your marriage vows. Unfortunately, not everyone who gets married things that this is a necessity so it has now because standard when you rent a church and a minister to host your ceremony.

Set Up on the Beach
A church might be the most traditional but a beach is the most popular. The sound of the waves crashing on the sand and the smell of the salt in the air makes for a naturally romantic ambiance. However, keep in mind that the wind could cause the sand to blow on you and your guests and the salt might wreak havoc on the frizzy factor of your hair. Even so, if you choose a style that frizz actually helps (they are out there) and pick a date that has mild temperatures and wind factors, you won’t have to worry about those things.

Reserve a Park
Parks are quite cheap to reserve. Typically you actually only have to reserve the Ramada that is in the park. The park might be open to the public but if someone wants to have a party of something, the chances of them picking your park are slim if they know that the Ramada has been rented out. If you use a city park then you might have to pay extra.

Or Opt for the Back Yard
Simple, intimate and sentimental. Getting married in your back yard could be a very good choice. You can do what you want and it’s free for the taking.

Whether you choose to rent a tent for a wedding or go to the courthouse, everything should reflect you. From the wedding chairs to the venue to the food and entertainment; it should be a symbol of your relationship and love for one another. One tip to keep in mind: don’t try and do it all alone. If you are looking at wedding tents, bring your soon to be spouse. If you are trying on wedding dresses, bring a bridesmaid. Part of the biggest excitement of getting married is being able to share it with those you love you. Keep them involved and not only will you get the help that you need but you’ll get the support that you deserve.

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