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It seems that no matter what, we are drawn to entertainment news. Celebrity gossip is a hot commodity, and for whatever the reasons we are drawn to it like moths to a flame. We want to know who is hooking up with whom and who is breaking up. It is like an addiction for some, planning an evening around the half hour to hour long block of time that their favorite entertainment news tonight.

There are many different shows available to the celebrity gossip. Some offer strictly breaking entertainment news, while others just supply a little of everything. Several of the shows provide entertainment news tonight, tomorrow night and even on the weekends. After all, celebrities don’t take days off, why should the news shows. And don’t forget the extra hour long shows during award season to see what the celebrities are wearing and who they are going to the shows with. They have specials on these events.

Some of the shows that have been awarded best entertainment news, have that coveted title because they are not afraid to chase the story, but also they try to speak the truth about the goings on in Hollywood and not trying to rag on the celebrity, but telling what happened.

Watch your entertainment news tonight and see if they are providing video feed or photos to accompany the stories. That brings a sort of credible aspect to the stories they are covering. Sure you can merge pictures and contort things to make them look a certain way, but who wants to go through all that trouble if you have a daily show that needs to air.

I think as important as the actual celebrity news or gossip is, the hosts of the show make entertainment news tonight and every night what makes us going back to a particular show or shows. For example if the hosts really enjoy their jobs and have fun on set, that might attract more viewers because they might not only want to see entertainment tonight news but they want to see who is going to say what and do what to their co host. Other people might not enjoy that kind of shenanigans so they tune into another show.

Whatever your entertainment news tonight pleasure is, there is a wide variety to choose from, it seems like all the major channels offer something for everyone.

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