Finding the Best Photographer for Your Event or Products Three Tips

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Did you know that every two minutes, we now take as many photographs as people took throughout the entire 1800s? Photography has taken great advances over the past few years, making the leap from film to digital and, in this way, opening up the field to more people than ever before.

Although amateur photography is now a common hobby, professional photographers are still in demand. Their equipment allows for clearer images and better processing methods, and their experience helps assure that photographs have great compositions and are visually interesting. Whether you’re looking for a photographer to handle a wedding, products, corporate event photography, or school photos, there are a few things you should look for.

1. Do Your Research

There are thousands of photographers operating in the U.S., and not every one of them will have a style that is right for you. An important aspect of picking a photographer is figuring out their style and past work experience. Look for photographers who have plenty of examples of their work in an online portfolio. See if their style meshes with what you’re looking for. Wedding photography, for example, can range from very formal (posed, traditional shots) to fairly informal (candid photos). Whether you want one style or multiple styles, make sure your photographer has adequate experience handling them.

2. Look Out for Amateur Mistakes

With photography, it’s sometimes hard to know what you’re getting; there’s not necessarily a license that will show you whether someone knows what they’re doing, or is still stuck at the amateur level and trying to supplement their inexperience with great equipment.

When it comes to wedding photography, one of the most common mistakes is poor white balance. This is when the photographer misjudges how long to keep the shutter open, causing the picture to appear too “white” and washed out. You want a photographer who takes photographs with good contrast and an eye for detail. Composition is also important; the best product photographers use their creative skills to add visual interest to frames that would otherwise be flat and boring.

3. The Advantages of Using Professional Product Photographers: Finding the Best Product Photographer

If you are getting product images for use online or elsewhere, investing in professional product advertising photographers rather than DIY attempts is usually the way to go. Products in particular often require a wider range of equipment in order for the shot to look professional and polished. Common tools used for product photography include macro-lenses, multi-strobe light set ups that include umbrellas, soft boxes and more, light tents, plexiglas, tripods, special rigging, and more. Your point and shoot camera isn’t going to be able to compete; do yourself a favor and call in the professionals the first time around.

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