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Photography has come a long way in its nearly 200 years of existence. Once seen as something utilitarian, photography has evolved to an art form, thanks to the work of such photographers as Alfred Stieglitz and others. Today, digital photography has only enhanced the medium as a form of art. Home manipulation techniques create the best art forms, and digital photo labs create the best art. In fact, a digital photo lab Miami or any other city offers can make a memory into something more powerful, which can be respected for generations to come.

As mentioned, photography came a long way to create digital photo labs. Its inventor was a Frenchman named Joseph Nicephore Niepce, who used a camera obscura to make an image. When photography became standardized, the first process involved wet plates with ten minutes of exposure time. Dry plates helped somewhat, but cameras were still cumbersome and expensive.

That changed when Kodak pioneered film in the late 19th century. Ordinary people took pictures on film, then sent them to a photo lab for development. This was the forerunner to a digital photo lab. Kodak invented commercial color photography, the Kodachrome, in 1935. It was not until 1991 that they created the first digital camera system. Targeted for photojournalists, the camera was a Nikon device equipped with a 1.3 megapixel sensor.

Of course, a digital photo lab can now take those memories and create art of them. A wedding photographer may take up to 500 pictures in a wedding. A digital photo lab can do many things with them. For instance, a digital photo lab can use canvas printing miami or another city offers, either on conventional canvas or vellum. A digital photo lab can also adjust lighting, saturation, contrast, and other variables to create the clearest, crispest picture that looks even better than real life.
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