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If you are looking for the best entertainment news, there is Entertainment Tonight News or ET. ET airs everyday. It is a nationally CBS syndicated TV news tabloid that covers everything in the world of entertainment. Entertainment news tonight is one of the top rated entertainment news shows in the country today. It offers breaking entertainment news as well as scoops, behind the scenes, interviews and pictures and footage on everything in the entertainment news and industry. Entertainment Tonight news is hosted by Nancy O Dell since 2011. Mary Hart used to host the show from 1983 to 2011. ET airs in the US, in Canada, as well as in other countries across the globe. The show was created by Alfred Masini in 1981 and has since then became one of the leading source of entertainment news in the country.

Today Entertainment News Tonight offers more than just the usual news, gossips and intrigues on celebrities. It offers information and insider scoops on the up coming movies, hits and misses and even reviews. When it comes to the movies and your favorite actors, it is always there to give you real information. You can watch interviews from actors, directors and producers. You can watch the previews as they come first on the show. All these are available from ET online. You can even check out the gallery and archive to see the past and latest pictures and articles on your favorite actors and movies. Of course, movie news would not be complete without reviews and predictions. In this, you can check out what the critics have to say about upcoming movies from the show.

Entertainment Tonight is also known for its many highly interesting news report. Some of them are controversial but all of them offer us news that we would not have found anywhere else. Some of these were results of real investigative reporting as well as interviews of experts and insiders.
Entertainment Tonight also talks about fashion, who is wearing who especially during award seasons. And speaking of awards season, ET is always the first to cover every major award on television, movies and music. From countdowns to the red carpet and after event parties, you can get them all from Entertainment News tonight. Of course there are the usual news on music, fashion, lifestyle, celebrities and even funny videos and unusual news.

The best thing about Entertainment News tonight is that there is no reason to miss it. You can watch it from your regular television channel. In fact, ET online site provides schedules of the shows. And if you miss it on TV or simply have no time at all to watch TV, you can get it on your mobile, RSS and even watch the show online. You can subscribe to get the latest update or just use your mobile devise to watch the show.

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