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Stop Being Left in the Entertainment News Dust

Entertainment news

Television? Yeah, the 90s called, and they want their entertainment news medium back.

Wake up and smell the mobile technology, friend. Entertainment news is where it all happens, and thanks to smartphones and tablets, your news happens wherever you are. If you need to keep up on the celebrity scoop, the diva dish, and every tiny piece of breaking entertainment news the Net can catch, then mobile is it.

Why say, “Oh, I can catch up on the best entertainment news tonight when I get home,” when you can read the stories as they happen. Be the first to see pics of the brand new royal, hear what Amanda Bynes is saying about her 5150, and check in on Beyonce to see how she fared with an overzealous fan on stage (look that one up, I was really clever just then).

Thanks to Twitter, the Book of Face, and those gro (more…)

Jul 23 2013

What You Need to Know When Planning Your Wedding

Event tent rental

Getting married? Details matter. A lot.

Everyone wants to the perfect wedding, down to the last detail.

Here are some details to remember. Check off this list of things people often overlook and you can relax, put your feet up, and look forward to your wedding day.

1. Location Matters

Whether you want to aim for an inexpensive wedding or influence guest expectations, location matters.

Utah weddings are the least expensive, averaging about 13,214 dollars per wedding.

If atmosphere is more of a concern than actual cost, you may want to keep in mind that Northern and Central New Jersey weddings are the most formal with the highest “black tie” expectations. Hawaiian weddings, on the other hand, are known for their fun, carefree nature.

2. Do Not Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Weddings are an exciting time (more…)

Jul 18 2013