Stop Being Left in the Entertainment News Dust

Entertainment news

Television? Yeah, the 90s called, and they want their entertainment news medium back.

Wake up and smell the mobile technology, friend. Entertainment news is where it all happens, and thanks to smartphones and tablets, your news happens wherever you are. If you need to keep up on the celebrity scoop, the diva dish, and every tiny piece of breaking entertainment news the Net can catch, then mobile is it.

Why say, “Oh, I can catch up on the best entertainment news tonight when I get home,” when you can read the stories as they happen. Be the first to see pics of the brand new royal, hear what Amanda Bynes is saying about her 5150, and check in on Beyonce to see how she fared with an overzealous fan on stage (look that one up, I was really clever just then).

Thanks to Twitter, the Book of Face, and those groovy little orange RSS buttons you always see, you never have to miss the latest Access Hollywood, E! and Entertainment Tonight news stories. They get sent right to your very own phone, just like emails, texts, videos, photos, and those one things, what do you call them? Oh right, phone calls. Just like those! Only way more useful.

There is simply too much happening in the entertainment world to expect to keep track of it all in one sitting. You need to get a constant feed throughout the day, or your brain might melt under the onslaught. Mobile entertainment updates could save your life. (So really, this post is more of a public health advisory than anything.) But more importantly, with mobile entertainment news updates, you never again have to pretend to know what all your cool friends are talking about again. Seriously. This absolutely makes you cool. You and me, we can totally hang now.

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