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Are you looking for breaking entertainment news tonight? Well you are going to have to be quick about it, because the news surrounding celebrities, movies, musicians, and entertainers all over the world can change in a mere second. Staying on top of the best entertainment news is a full time job in and of itself, which is why there are websites, magazines, and television programs dedicated to that purpose. These sources aggregate all of the best entertainment news so that you do not have to.

Entertainment Tonight news is one incredible source for everything that is happening anywhere in the entertainment industry. Did you know that Robin Williams put up an instagram of himself and a duckling? Did you know that Fergie is pregnant? Did you know that Miley is going to be performing at the VMAs, and that she sent a very strange message to the awards show? If you did, then great! If you did not, then you are getting your entertainment news from the wrong places.

If you are a member of the entertainment industry yourself, then this kind of news could be crucial to your career. Knowing who got hired to do what, what scandals have just broken, and where celebs have been sited could impact your work! A significant range of social media applications can help you to stay in touch with the latest news. If you use Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, or frequent You Tube, then you are in luck. Entertainment Tonight is well connected, and will share the latest and greatest with you any way that you like. You could learn about such things as child stars landing roles in hit TV shows, such as Go Iguanas.

The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, cites that if there is any issue which maybe gets a little too much coverage from news media, 40 percent of the public believes that issue would be celebrity news. If you are inclined to agree and you like to keep your world news and your entertainment news separate, then tuning into Entertainment Tonight or visiting the online site is just the ticket.

Pictures, videos, news stories, social media, everything you ever wanted from the best entertainment news is right at our fingertips. Online, or on the television, you can get your fix and learn all about what is happening right now in the entertainment industry.

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