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Use Your RSS Reader to Get All Your Breaking Entertainment News

Entertainment news tonight

I love my RSS feed for the sheer fact that it keeps me in touch with any breaking entertainment news. Like when Justin Bieber hit a pedestrian with his car? Yeah. I knew about that breaking entertainment news within an hour.

Of course, part of the problem with trying to stay on top of breaking entertainment news with my RSS feed is choosing what feeds to follow. If I follow too many I get redundant stories, but if I only follow one then I miss out on the other sties who scoop that site.

So, I narrowed it down to about two or three sites that give the best entertainment news, the stuff I really want to read about, like gossip, and plug that into my breaking entertainment news RSS feed reader.

Of course, I still watch Entertainment News Tonight to get the rest of the details. Oftentimes when you catch breaking entertainment news all you can get is the lede, the who, what, when, where, why and how. All other details usually develop later on. But it is the getting to know right then and there that I love.

If you want to jump on board my breaking entertainment news RSS feed idea, then feel free. Just install the feed reader on your computer. Hit google up for “entertainment tonight news” or however you so choose to search the internet.

What sites do you readers like to follow for your entertainment news? Do you like to use RSS feeds? What was the biggest piece of breaking entertainment news that you got first, before anyone else you were around? Feel free to share your stories and experience in the comments below.

Jun 18 2013

Discover Breaking Entertainment News Tonight, Not Tomorrow

Entertainment tonight news

I make sure to stay in the loop of all the hottest celebrity gossip and news. Entertainment News Tonight makes this an easy task. Whether I need the scoop on my favorite musicians, actors, actresses, fashionistas, or socialites, I have breaking entertainment news at my fingertips with Entertainment news tonight online.

The best entertainment news is the Entertainment Tonight news that reminds me that celebrities are still real people just like me. When I can learn about an actress I love who is pregnant, or a musician usually drenched in swagger slipping up in a moment of acute clumsiness, it makes me smile. To see such human moments in the elite of the entertainment world is comforting. Such Entertainment News Tonight makes me feel that much closer to these A list celebs.

Take for example Paris Jackson. I have always been a huge Michael Jackson fan, and having followed him, I have begun to feel somewhat like part of the Jackson family. So, when I learned about the daughter of the legendary pop musicians recent suicide attempt, I was so thankful for having been informed. I was reading the Entertainment News Tonight article, and quickly realized there was no reason for the alarm that the headline had inspired, because Paris was just after being rushed to the same hospital in which her father passed away.

Entertainment News Tonight informed me of all the details of the Jackson suicide attempt. Paris, after not being permitted to attend a Marilyn Manson concert, attempted to overdose. Upon closer inspection, we can see that this was not merely a result of missing a Marilyn Manson performance. There are much deeper seeded issues which Paris suffers from, and which she will hopefully receive proper assistance with.

The Entertainment News Tonight article did not leave me on such a negative note though. It went on to explain how Marilyn Manson, upon hearing the news, dedicated his song, “Disposable Teens” to Jackson.

Jun 10 2013

The Newest Entertainment News Right Now

Best entertainment news

Are you looking for the best entertainment news? There are multiple places you can get the most interesting and relevant celebrity and pop culture updates. From magazines to online articles and video channels, there are many options available and the best entertainment news sources for you depends on your personal preferences. Some people like articles, while others appreciate video clips. What is some of the latest breaking entertainment news right now?

First, news just broke that Paris Jackson, daughter of the late Michael Jackson, allegedly attempted suicide earlier this week. Later, it was revealed that Jackson tried to kill herself after not being able to attend a Marilyn Manson concert. After finding out about this, Manson dedicated a song to her during his next show. The reaction is often to see teen acts like this as the result of entitlement. Who kills themselves over something so unimportant? In reality, though, we should reserve only compassion for Jackson. It is likely that she has endured mental troubles and this event only served as a catalyst for the behavior, rather than the sole reason.

Second, as usual, Kim Kardashian and her seemingly endless pregnancy saga is making the best entertainment news tonight headlines. A nude Kim Kardashian statued appeared in LA via artist Daniel Edwards, and the artist says the statue is a tribute to her expectant motherhood shape. Kim took to her twitter account this week to verbally lash out at paparazzi who apparently threatened her life if she would not smile for them. She also shared a story about how they boxed her car in, in order to force her to drive at a certain speed for photo opportunities. Props to Kim for speaking out against this harmful behavior that no celebrity should have to endure.

Third, Amanda Bynes has been all over the entertainment tonight news recently, in what appears to be another former childhood star breakdown. Bynes has repeatedly tweeted different celebrity entertainers to call them ugly, and showed up to her court appointment for a DWI wearing a strange and messy blond wig. As a probable result of her recent fame, Bynes was offered a spot on Playboy Radio, which she has, however, declined. Sometimes celebrities would be better served by not being featured in the best entertainment news.

Jun 07 2013

Find Great Gifts to Give Expecting Parents a Little Help

Unique gift baskets

Baby showers are a great way for soon to be parents to not only enjoy themselves while they still have some free time to spend with friends, but also get some of the items they will need to take care of their baby. In order to give parents the most help possible, individuals who are attending a baby shower will want to find a great gift. While some might just choose baby gift baskets for women, or maybe even gift baskets for men, others might want something more unique and memorable, like personalized baby clothes. By providing parents with personalized baby clothes, friends and relatives can help them keep babies warm and cozy, and even help give them a touch of style that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Many people will want to give parents practical items like toddler stools and other things. However, some will want to give a gift that will not only be used for a long time, but that the parents will be sure to both appreciate and remember. If that is the case, then personalized baby clothes might be a good option. There are a number of places where personalized baby clothes can be found, including both brick and mortar retailers and online websites. Taking the time to visit those places and browse through a wide selection of items is a good first step in the gift giving process, and is a great way for individuals to find personalized baby clothes that parents will be sure to appreciate Learn more: www.jollyjackrabbit.com

Jun 07 2013

Find the Best Long Distance Moving Company You Can


Most people would love to prevent as much of the stress and hassle that accompanies moving. With the most professional long distance movers around, such a goal could suddenly turn from fantasy to reality. There are several things that the best group of long distance movers should be able to provide. Without the help of a qualified moving company, the amount of stress one feels could increase exponentially as the moving day approaches.

One thing that the best long distance movers should be able to offer their customers are pods. For those that are not up to date on the latest moving and storage innovations, pods are sturdy, secure and portable containers that come in a wide variety of sizes. These versatile units could make packing and shipping ones belongings incredibly simple, especially if they want to make sure that everything arrives safely intact.

The second thing that the ideal group of long distance movers should have no trouble offering is a list of references. References are essential in the deciding process, and companies that cannot offer them should not be taken seriously. A good recommendation could help one to decide on the spot, while a poor one could let someone know that they will had to search a little longer.

Finally, the most professional long distance movers should be able to prove that they have all of the proper licenses and permits that are needed to own and operate a moving business. The number of permits required could depend on where they are located, and what states they travel to. Long distance movers that are not licensed will never be able to meet the safety and insurance standards that are mandated by law, and should be avoided.

Jun 06 2013