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I make sure to stay in the loop of all the hottest celebrity gossip and news. Entertainment News Tonight makes this an easy task. Whether I need the scoop on my favorite musicians, actresses, fashionistas, socialites, or actors and directors such as Michael Palance, I have breaking entertainment news at my fingertips with Entertainment news tonight online. This is a great source to not only learn about what’s happening in the celebrity world but also to learn about new shows and projects.

The best entertainment news is the Entertainment Tonight news that reminds me that celebrities are still real people just like me. When I can learn about an actress I love who is pregnant, or a musician usually drenched in swagger slipping up in a moment of acute clumsiness, it makes me smile. To see such human moments in the elite of the entertainment world is comforting. Such Entertainment News Tonight makes me feel that much closer to these A list celebs.

Take for example Paris Jackson. I have always been a huge Michael Jackson fan, and having followed him, I have begun to feel somewhat like part of the Jackson family. So, when I learned about the daughter of the legendary pop musicians recent suicide attempt, I was so thankful for having been informed. I was reading the Entertainment News Tonight article, and quickly realized there was no reason for the alarm that the headline had inspired, because Paris was just after being rushed to the same hospital in which her father passed away.

Entertainment News Tonight informed me of all the details of the Jackson suicide attempt. Paris, after not being permitted to attend a Marilyn Manson concert, attempted to overdose. Upon closer inspection, we can see that this was not merely a result of missing a Marilyn Manson performance. There are much deeper seeded issues which Paris suffers from, and which she will hopefully receive proper assistance with.

The Entertainment News Tonight article did not leave me on such a negative note though. It went on to explain how Marilyn Manson, upon hearing the news, dedicated his song, “Disposable Teens” to Jackson.

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