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Are you looking for the best entertainment news? There are multiple places you can get the most interesting and relevant celebrity and pop culture updates. From magazines to online articles and video channels, there are many options available and the best entertainment news sources for you depends on your personal preferences. Some people like articles, while others appreciate video clips. What is some of the latest breaking entertainment news right now?

First, news just broke that Paris Jackson, daughter of the late Michael Jackson, allegedly attempted suicide earlier this week. Later, it was revealed that Jackson tried to kill herself after not being able to attend a Marilyn Manson concert. After finding out about this, Manson dedicated a song to her during his next show. The reaction is often to see teen acts like this as the result of entitlement. Who kills themselves over something so unimportant? In reality, though, we should reserve only compassion for Jackson. It is likely that she has endured mental troubles and this event only served as a catalyst for the behavior, rather than the sole reason.

Second, as usual, Kim Kardashian and her seemingly endless pregnancy saga is making the best entertainment news tonight headlines. A nude Kim Kardashian statued appeared in LA via artist Daniel Edwards, and the artist says the statue is a tribute to her expectant motherhood shape. Kim took to her twitter account this week to verbally lash out at paparazzi who apparently threatened her life if she would not smile for them. She also shared a story about how they boxed her car in, in order to force her to drive at a certain speed for photo opportunities. Props to Kim for speaking out against this harmful behavior that no celebrity should have to endure.

Third, Amanda Bynes has been all over the entertainment tonight news recently, in what appears to be another former childhood star breakdown. Bynes has repeatedly tweeted different celebrity entertainers to call them ugly, and showed up to her court appointment for a DWI wearing a strange and messy blond wig. As a probable result of her recent fame, Bynes was offered a spot on Playboy Radio, which she has, however, declined. Sometimes celebrities would be better served by not being featured in the best entertainment news.

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