Use Your RSS Reader to Get All Your Breaking Entertainment News

Entertainment news tonight

I love my RSS feed for the sheer fact that it keeps me in touch with any breaking entertainment news. Like when Justin Bieber hit a pedestrian with his car? Yeah. I knew about that breaking entertainment news within an hour.

Of course, part of the problem with trying to stay on top of breaking entertainment news with my RSS feed is choosing what feeds to follow. If I follow too many I get redundant stories, but if I only follow one then I miss out on the other sties who scoop that site.

So, I narrowed it down to about two or three sites that give the best entertainment news, the stuff I really want to read about, like gossip, and plug that into my breaking entertainment news RSS feed reader.

Of course, I still watch Entertainment News Tonight to get the rest of the details. Oftentimes when you catch breaking entertainment news all you can get is the lede, the who, what, when, where, why and how. All other details usually develop later on. But it is the getting to know right then and there that I love.

If you want to jump on board my breaking entertainment news RSS feed idea, then feel free. Just install the feed reader on your computer. Hit google up for “entertainment tonight news” or however you so choose to search the internet.

What sites do you readers like to follow for your entertainment news? Do you like to use RSS feeds? What was the biggest piece of breaking entertainment news that you got first, before anyone else you were around? Feel free to share your stories and experience in the comments below.

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