4 Reasons Child Resistant Cannabis Bags are Important

Certain states require certain restrictions on cannabis and the containers it is contained in. California for example everything cultivated after January of 2018 must adhere to California’s cannabis packaging regulations in order to be sold. These regulations are for the safety of the public including those that can’t protect themselves. Things like child resistant bags are some of the regulations that should be followed for specific reasons. Read below to see some of the reasons child resistant packages are important.


Child resistant cannabis bags of course are meant to discourage a child being able to open the bag. Ingestion becomes harder if not almost impossible depending on the child’s age. Most parents are diligent in watching their children, but that doesn’t eliminate the fact that accidents can and will happen. With custom cannabis packaging that offers child restraints, a decline in these accidents should be seen.


Different sizes of medical marijuana bags and cannabis bags helps adults monitor how much is in them. This can help eliminate not only waste but large quantities in the bags. This makes it possible for them to be single use bags so that no residue is left afterwards eliminating the risk of a smaller child getting a hold of the bags.


Child resistant cannabis bags can be used for other things around the house. Medicines that need to be transported can be sealed to keep them from little hands. There are many uses for the bags and the fact that they can be used over and over again make the versatile. Reusing the bags makes them a good purchase and gives you peace of mind.

State Requirements

Most child resistant packaging meets state requirements, but it’s still important to check. States are becoming more strict on their regulations and requirements for child resistant packaging. While certain things like pet food packaging and dog treat bags don’t require certain restrictions things like medication and cleaners do and cannabis bags fall into this same category. Ensure that these bags adhere to state regulations before purchasing.

The belief that legalizing marijuana is a good idea has increased steadily over the last decade with six out of ten people are for it. This reason right here is a main reason why child resistant packaging is so important. With legalization come responsibility for both parents and producers. Child resistant cannabis bags is one way everyone is taking on that responsibility to keep this product out of little ones hands.

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