How to Host a Good Tented Events

The prospect of planning a party or event is enough to give someone a stress attack. There are so many details and variables that go into properly planning and hosting an event. Plus, in some cases, if you are planning a wedding then everything is compounded by how important a wedding is. Here are all of the facts on getting the most out of tented events:

Figure Out If You Are Buying Or Renting

The first thing that must be done when planning tented events involves determining what you want to do about getting the tents. If you are doing a one-time thing then renting could be the best option for tented events. However, if you are going to be hosting multiple events then maybe you should buy!

Once you have estimated your guest count, you can figure out the number of square feet that you will need in your tent. Take your number of guests times: 15 square feet for seating at tables, 6 square feet for standing area or cocktail area, 8 square feet for a wedding ceremony or guests seated at only chairs; an additional 2 to 3 square feet for a dance area and 25 square feet for the head table. This type of confusing math is exactly why people hire event planners for their tented events.

When it comes to tops, there are also only two types available: polyester and vinyl. Here, though, your options are going to be dictated by the kind of party tent you choose. If aisles and a speaker area are also needed to allow 8 square feet per person. If the purpose is for cocktail service allow five to six square feet per person. In some instances, you may not have any choice about the material your top is made of. At the same time, almost all large event tents are made of vinyl. It is durable, affordable and strong.

There are two basic styles of tents that include pole tents and frame tents. It is quite difficult to determine which tent is the better of the two as they offer a distinct look from one another. Do not hesitate to contact a tent renting company to determine what tents are best for your tented events.

The decision to buy or rent a tent has many variables. If the tent will be used for 3 or 4 times each year, it is probably better to rent the tent. Try to use this as your way of measuring the value of buying tents for tented events as opposed to renting or vice-versa. Make sure you do what is best for your situation and your event!

Think About What Kind Of Tented Events You Are Hosting

Another important part of planning great and successful tented events is knowing the event you are hosting. A wedding is going to be different than a birthday party which is going to be different as opposed to a graduation open house. So make sure you are getting the right tents to fit the theme of your event.

A 2014 Real Weddings Study revealed a bunch of information about weddings that people plan. First and foremost, this study revealed that the average number of wedding guests is 136 people. Secondly, it revealed that the average length of an engagement is 14 months. In other words, the average couple gives themselves a little more than a year to plan their wedding. Finally, it also revealed that 15% of all weddings take place in June making it the most popular month and 14% take place in October which makes it the second most popular month!

In Conclusion

Wedding tents, tent rentals, and all other types of tent details are all so important when planning a tented event. If you need help planning out your tented events then just hire an expert or at the very least consult with one. They will alleviate some of your pressure by making sure you have the right type of game plan! This will help you also free up time to focus on other aspects of your event!

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