Broadway and Off Broadway and How To See a Show

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A Nielsen Scarborough survey done in the spring of 2016 found that very close to 50 million Americans had been to some kind of live theater event within a month of the survey. Isn’t it time that you looked for the best place to buy Broadway tickets or search for the perfect off Broadway musicals to see this season?

    • What’s so cool about theatre in New York anyway? The theater scene is some of the most important history of New York City’s urban development, and even the modernization of the entire nation. What is now New York’s theater district was once home to farms. The area was bought and the first theater was built just over 100 years ago on 42nd Street. Oscar Hammerstein built it, and the theater was popularized because the electric trolley made it easy to get to. When the subway system built a line, this area developed quickly.
    • What’s the difference between Broadway and Off Broadway Musicals? Broadway is officially a collection of 41 theaters. Only four of these theaters actually reside on Broadway street. In order to be included, a theater must have 500 seats or more. Off Broadway musicals and shows can be every bit as professional as anything you buy Broadway tickets for. They just happen in a smaller theater. The actors go through the same Premiere Audition process to ensure a high-quality production. There are also not-for-profit professional theatres in New York. America’s not-for-profit theaters generally bring in more than 30 million patrons a year.
    • What shows and musicals can be seen in New York? New shows come out regularly, but there are classics that anyone going for the first time should probably try to see. The longest-running show in the history of Broadway theater is the classic Phantom of the Opera . It has had more than 9,100 performances. The first show to bring in more than $1 billion in revenue was Disney’s The Lion King .
  • Can people not from New York ever find a good way to buy Broadway tickets? Actually, estimates are that 70% of all tickets for Broadway shows are bought by tourists to the city. It’s not right to visit New York and not take in a show! Ir’s possible to get tickets for off Broadway musicals and even buy discount Broadway tickets online from reputable vendors. New York City’s own website has more about where to get tickets for Broadway shows.

If you’re planning a visit to New York City, don’t forget to look for a website to buy Broadway tickets. Perhaps you’ll prefer the intimacy of a smaller venue to see off Broadway musicals. Whatever your preference, cheap show tickets are available. Look online, plan your trip, and enjoy a show in America’s most historic performance culture.

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