Tips and Tricks for Enjoying Your Motorized Skateboard

Off road motorized skateboard

Do you have a new electric motorized skateboard? If you do, you’re probably interested in tips and tricks for how to get the most out of your amazing new motor longboard, especially if you’re just starting to learn the basics. If you’re already accustomed riding a regular skateboard, you should know that some things are similar, but there are important differences to note. Read on for all the tips on getting the most out of your electric motorized skateboard.

Start Slow and Learn Stopping

The speed may be one of the main reasons you acquired your power skateboard, but be sure you get used to it before you take it out to a busy area. The maneuvers may be the same as what you’re used to, but if they’re happening at higher speeds you need time to adjust your reactions. It’s also very crucial that you learn how to stop your electric motorized skateboard flawlessly. You don’t take your foot off the board as you do with regular skateboards, and that can throw people sometimes. You’ll want to get used to the feel of the stop and how to hold your body through it.

Master the Remote Control

One of the key differences between an electric motorized skateboard and a traditional one is using a remote to power and control some things. You’ll need to get used to starting and stopping and figure out the best way to hold and store your remote so you don’t drop it and can use it freely. Find safe and smooth surfaces to practice before going anywhere busy.

Never Forget Your Helmet

A common issue with any skateboard is that experience can bring a sense of invulnerability. Your electric skateboard is fast, and no matter how good you are at riding it, accidents can and do happen all the time. Even if you’re a perfect rider, you can’t control the actions of other people, so wear your helmet and protect yourself. You’ll also be setting a good example for newbies and for the kids.

Don’t Assume

Just because you’ve ridden an electric scooter or a manual skateboard doesn’t mean you’ll be able to master the electric motorized skateboard in a day. It has a very different technique from other forms of transport, so take it easy and take the time you need to learn balance and feel. When you buy a battery powered skateboard, your first instinct may be to run it out immediately. Resist that urge, and learn all about how to truly master your electric motorized skateboard. In the long run, you’ll enjoy it more, get more out of it, and stay safe. So put on your helmet, take it easy, and go enjoy your board!

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