Are Motorized Skateboards a Good Option For Short Commutes?

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In one self-reported study, nearly 11 million participants reported that not only do they enjoy skateboarding, but that they skate on a regular basis. A skateboard is not a practical mode of transportation in comparison to a car or even a bicycle, so it is likely that most of these skateboarders practice for their own amusement instead of practicality. However, if the basic skateboard were to be powered up as a skateboard electric instead, more people might find it a suitable and fun choice for commuting short distances.

What Are the Benefits of Skateboarding?

A few decades ago, skateboarding was seen as a nuisance. This was because skateboarders often practiced in public areas while their skills were still questionable. Businesses generally want to avoid people becoming injured on their property for fear of legal repercussions. Parents and guardians were fearful of young kids hurting themselves through risky tricks, and so signage forbidding skating of any sort became commonplace in public places.

How Do Electric Powered Skateboards Work?

One thing to know about electrically powered skateboards is that they are not exactly a new development. Some version of a skateboard electric has been around since about the 1970s, and the design has only improved with time. The goal with today’s models is to maximize safety, speed, and longevity. Unlike the motorized skateboards on the market 30 years ago, today’s versions use a compact wireless lithium battery pack. When the batteries run out, the board can be used as a regular, non-motorized skateboard.

Are Electric Skateboards Safe to Use?

Skateboards have always been considered a risky amusement, as operating one safely requires a good deal of skill and practice. A skateboard electric can move between five and 25 miles an hour depending on the model. While the risk of injury increases with anything operating at that speed, it is especially pronounced with a skateboard due to the very design which leaves the user completely open. Of course, a skateboarder can and should wear protective gear, but there is still a good chance of injury.
Waiting to use an electric skateboard until one is proficient at a non-motorized one is a safe bet. The danger lies in an unexperienced skateboarder not having control over their board. This requires a good deal of torso strength, balance, and confidence. A good skater knows how to manipulate the board so that neither they nor any by-standers are injured if something unexpected occurs.

What Should I Look For In a Good Motorized Skateboard?

With this talk of speed and danger, it might tempt some buyers to find the biggest, slowest, heaviest skateboard available. This is a bad idea for a number of reasons. While it is completely unnecessary to buy the fastest motorized skateboard in the store, it is also not a measure of safety to buy the slowest. When you chose to buy a skateboard electric, obviously it is for the motorization. A slow board will only prove to be an annoyance, and moreover safety comes from skill, patience, and practice.

Another consideration is what the board will be used for, such as amusement or for commuting. This question could also be broken down into, are you a core skater or a casual skater? The difference between a core skater and a casual skater is the number of times per year spent skateboarding. Core skaters are on their boards more than 26 times a year, whereas casual skaters spend less than 25 times a year on theirs. Reaching this marker is definitely not hard to do, but it is important to choose a durable board if you are a core skater.

Skateboarding is seen in a different light than it was even 20 years ago. With the rise of improved, faster motorized skateboards, more people are considering them an option when it comes to commuting. Safety is always a concern when it comes to both motorized and non-motorized skateboards, however there are a few things that mitigate these concerns. In fact, the best way to be more safe is to wear the right protective gear, and get to practicing.

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