Catering for Psychological Needs of Your Customers Through Art

Boosts productivity

With the increasing competition in the hospitality sector, there is great need to stay relevant in the market. In order to do that, you need to find ways of not only improving your products and services, but also providing a relaxing atmosphere for your guests and tourists. While consumer preferences are constantly changing, the old technique of luring customers with quality service and products is becoming too common and no longer competitive. Hence the need to think outside the frame.

In recent years, customers and particularly vacationers are looking to create good experiences while delighting in quality services. Therefore, businesses are recoursing towards art and its creative elements, which offer guests with a unique experience. Arts for hotels and restaurants is one of the current trends in the hospitality industry that seem to work magic in fascinating guests and visitors. Depending on your style and the market you serve, you can find something that connects with your customers while adding value to your surrounding.

Art for hotels and restaurants is the most unusual way of tuning up space and it has become an integral part of hotel design. What a great feeling it is to walk into a hotel lobby and be treated with the sight of authentic Picasso painting! You’ll forever cherish your wine and dine moments behind a John Lennon work art. Certainly, it’s value for your money if you can find an accommodation that has an artistic expression at the same time, even as the concept of art is considered relative.

However, with numerous art for hotels and restaurants, the process of choosing the right can be overwhelming. Often, it involves more than just picking a piece of art. There are other factors involved in ensuring you find the right kind of art that sends a good message to your guests. Art has the power to draw people into a self-reflection mode and it’s also believed that it creates a stress free workplace and boosts productivity.

Research shows that people working in artistically decorated places were 17% more productive than those in lean space. Further studies indicate that most people believe that art for hotels and restaurants makes their working environment more welcoming. So when sourcing artwork for your hotel, here are important things to consider.

Come up with an art finders
After you’ve established the importance of art to your property, the next important thing to do is to form a team that will help source for arts. Here, it’s very crucial for the parties involved to work together starting from you, your hotel interior designer to the art consultant. Collaboration means that every interest is taken into consideration before a final decision is made. You might find an art really interesting, but that doesn’t mean it’s the appropriate one for your guests. So you need to find experienced people to help you make that decision.

Define your hotel
Hotels differ from one to the next based on various elements. Factors such as hotel type, location, brand, theme and demographic will greatly influence the kind of art work to choose. Hotels with contemporary themes might find it necessary to use silent arts, while modern hotels opting for wild and loud arts. Besides, this will also help you achieve a desired them of the hotel.

Budget is important
While it’s possible to find cheap pieces of art, art is generally expensive. This is due to the creative and sentimental message they often carry. Art consultants will help you come up with a budget that suits your pocket. They are able to source quality art in line with your budget and enter negotiations for better deals.

Settle for uniqueness
Art galleries offer limitless options that usually seem perfect for any surrounding. However, if you are looking for something unique that has the ‘wow’ factor, you may need to consider a custom art with your ideas in it. Give your guests a reason to smile when checking in, and surely they’ll have a reason to remember you when they check out. When you are buying art for hotels and restaurants, look beyond the obvious decoration. Instead focus more on publicity and the lasting impression the art is going to give your hotel.

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