Important Things to Consider When Buying a Motor Skateboard

Powered skateboard

Choosing the perfect electric skateboard can be an overwhelming experience and it’s even more challenging if you are new to skating. Looking at the specific features, you are not sure whether to go for a belt driven or in-wheel hub motors. And what’s the ideal battery capacity to power a board for long? Which brand should you consider? These are just some of the concerns people have when thinking of buying a motor skateboard. Whether you’ll be using your skateboard for sporting or transportation purposes, it’s important you find something that will match your needs.

In recent years, people have shifted from the idea of strong brands and instead they are focusing on the specific features a skateboard has. In fact, about 77% of skateboarders prefer to buy small specialty brands over the popular brand names available on the market. This can be attributed to the concept of product differentiation. Therefore, as you go out there to shop for an electric skateboard, the following factors will help you make an informed decision.

Motor skateboards come in different types. There are those specially designed just for fun and sports while others are built for commuting. Therefore it’s important you understand the exact application so you can choose a board with the right range for your specific needs. If you are looking for a motorized skateboard that can help you get to and from work, perhaps you need a high battery capacity board. In addition, the terrain of where you’ll be riding your board is also a major element to consider. While most boards function best on flat surfaces, not every type can make it through rough surfaces and hilly terrains. Although you can still find an all terrain electric skateboard that allows you to ride on any surface. Look for boards with long wheels with better traction if you are planning to ride off-road.

Buying a motor skateboard? Ensure you get one that is portable and easy to carry just in case your battery runs out. In addition, it’s also vital you find lighter boards that you can carry on the mall, stairs, onto trains or any other place where skating won’t be possible. However, most electric boards with motor tend to be heavy than their counterparts.

Ease of repair
Just like another piece of machine or tool out there, motor skateboards get damaged. If you accidentally break your board or part of its components is damaged. You’ll need to have some repair done to restore the board to its functionality. Since skateboards are exposed to wear and tear, you need to choose a skateboard that has its replacement parts readily available. On top of that, it may also be necessary to buy a motor skateboards from a reputable company who can help service your board just in case it develops some problems.

Since you are not only buying a skateboard but investing in your hobby, you’d want to get something value the money you spend. But still expensive doesn’t necessarily mean quality product. So it’s important to define a budget based on the type of motor skateboard you are looking to buy. The more features a skateboard has, the high it’s going to cost. Elements such as the battery life, portability and aesthetic are the major price determinants. These are the thing you should consider carefully to get the best electric skateboard

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