Geeky Crossover Or Classic Twist? Brewing Up Your Next Wicked Halloween Costume For 2019

Halloween may be over, but that’s no reason not to stock up on some goodies to make the next spookfest the best yet!

The advent of online stores has made shopping and purchasing easier than ever. No longer do you have to idle in massive outlets picking and choosing between a handful of generic options. Thinking of dressing up with a baseball zombie costume? How about getting your geek on and showing your love for Black Panther, Wonder Woman, or Harley Quinn? There are plenty of online stores that sell Halloween costumes…all you have to do is type in your thoughts and watch the results fly.

Check out the fun facts and costuming tips below. They’ll set you up just in time for next year’s party!

Did You Know?

Think you know everything there is to know about Halloween? This delightful tradition originates from an ancient pagan festival known as ‘Samhain’, celebrated by Celtic people for thousands of years. Immigrants from Ireland and Scotland brought Halloween to the United States back in the 1800’s, setting the stage for one of today’s most beloved celebrations. Back in 2017 over 180 million Americans celebrated Halloween, with seven out of 10 consumers actively planning out on handing out candy or setting up a party of their own. A glance at popular costume ideas today and you can see how Halloween has caught up with the modern era!

Fun Ideas For Geeky Costumes

Geeks and nerds of all stripes, listen up! Online stores that sell Halloween costumes are well aware this holiday hits a sweet spot between convention season and the holiday season, offering adults and children alike the opportunity to show their love for fictional characters. As stated above, you can’t go wrong with sporting a Marvel or DC look. Stepping into the realm of videogames can also get you turning heads at a party, particularly if you’ve been bit by the Red Dead Redemption bug. You can even get extra nostalgic and go back to the original Ghostbusters or Star Wars!

Can’t Go Wrong With The Classics

Here’s a segue for you. Sometimes it’s best to just stick with the classics. A recent study found nearly three million American children will dress up as their favorite princess or superhero on Halloween, with another five million dressing up as a witch. That’s not to say you still can’t unleash your most creative self as you brows around for the best Halloween costume idea. See what a unique color scheme can offer ye olde traditional jester or vampire. Even better, consider a fun crossover idea that’ll get people talking!

Add A Spin On An Old Touch

A dead baseball player costume combines iconic America with an iconic monster. A mish-mash of a jester and a cowboy can scratch two geeky itches at the same time. Halloween expenditure in the United States hits an impressive $9 billion on a yearly basis, ranging from splashy costume ideas to decorations that’ll stay up well after October’s wrapped up. Remember that you shouldn’t be feeling stressed or worried when browsing online stores that sell Halloween costumes. This is a great opportunity to let your personality shine through!

The Growth Of Online Costume Stores

Online Halloween costume stores have taken off without a hitch. They’re truly a blend of the old and new, combining an ancient tradition with the ease of modern technology. You can look up complete packages that save you the trouble of mixing and matching…or buy individual parts to create your ultimate crossover dream. Remember to be careful when buying fake contacts, as many people end up getting the wrong prescription and damaging their eyes. It’s also important to be mindful of allergies, as fake perfume and glitter can end up leaving rashes, not fond memories!

You’ve got a lot to look forward to next year. Have your family set up shop early with online stores that sell Halloween costumes!

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