Important African American Industry Leaders in the Media

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The African American community is a prominent part of the United States population. Currently, there are more than 45 million African Americans living in the U.S., according to the Census Bureau data. That is about 15% of the nation?s population. With African Americans being such an important part of the American makeup, it is also necessary that the country has role models that can accurately represent the population. Celebrity gossip sites will often share news about many different celebrities, but only a few of these are representation worthy.

Oprah Winfrey
Almost everyone, regardless of color or race, has heard of Oprah Winfrey and all of the positive contributions she has made to our country. She is known for being generous and making a change. She is also directly responsible for the rise of many other now famous African American latest Hollywood celebrities. Oprah Winfrey first got her start with her famous talk show. The Oprah Winfrey Show aired for 25 seasons, from 1986 to 2011. With its placement on 120 channels and an audience of 10 million people, the show grossed $125 million by the ends of its first year, of which Winfrey received $30 million.

Oprah Winfrey is a great role model, mostly because of her efforts in helping those in need. She invited many less fortunate guests to view her show for free, also providing them with things like money, cars, and even houses. Celebrity gossip sites still follow local celebrity news of Oprah Winfrey, as she continues to help out communities and individuals in need.

Will Smith
Will Smith is known for his starting role in the Fresh Prince of Belle Air. He was a funny and young actor that quickly gained attention. He has since grown into a more mature actor, landing lead roles in many award winning movies. Currently, Will Smith is one of the film industry?s most highly paid actors, nearly all of his films have grossed over $100 million. Celebrity gossip sites still follow all of Will Smith?s contributions to the movie industry, as well as his family and parenting skills.

Jay Z
Jay Z is one of the few musicians who have remained relevant for many years. Although he does not release many new songs, he is largely involved in producing new artists. He is also famously known for marrying one of the best female black singers of all time, Beyonce. However, few would say that Jay Z needs Beyonce to be considered a great artist. Jay Z earned his 11th Number 1 album on the Billboard 200 with The Blueprint 3. This allowed him to beat out Elvis, for the record of most number one albums as a solo artist. Today, many see Jay Z and Beyonce as a power couple.

Sport athletes
There have been numerous African American athletes to leave their mark on sports. The sport of basketball produced people like Michael Jordan, Lebron James, and most recently, Steph Curry. Football fans follow stars like Barry Sanders, Chad Johnson, and Calvin Johnson. Even the sport of golf has prominent athletes like Tiger Woods. The sporting world has largely been dominated by African American athletes and is an important source of current news for black gossip sites.

With over 15% of the U.S. population being of the African American race, media and celebrity gossip representation is needed. Currently, there are many prominent black celebrities in many different media areas, including sports, music, talk show hosts, actors and actresses, and producers. These African American celebrities have paved the way for future success in all industries. Continue to follow celebrity gossip sites for the most accurate and newest information surrounding your favorite black leaders.

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