Perks of Basketball Box Breaks

Are you interested in basketball box breaks? Box breaks have become extremely popular in the hobby, not just for sports cards, but also memorabilia as well. Should you be taking part in these box breaks? That’s what today’s video is going to be all about.

What are box breaks? Box breaks are when you take a particular product, for example like the 2020 Panini Prizm hobby box and a breaker or the person who owns the box opens it live on Instagram or YouTube, and you can buy into this break.

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You’re either picking spots at random or you’re going to pick a particular team. For example you can choose a particular team such as the Los Angeles Chargers. You pay for that spot ahead of the breaker opening that product, and after they open all that product up you get all the cards for that particular team that you picked.

Why do people do these? Well first off entertainment value. It’s just like when you go to Las Vegas it’s extremely exciting to see cards getting put down the table, you’re doing the roulette wheel, whatever it is that you are doing. Gambling is a rush. People get excited about it and that’s why people do it. Sometimes you’re gonna hit nothing sometimes you’re gonna hit the mother lode, but that’s one of the main reasons why people do it, is entertainment value.

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