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Why Should You Learn How to Dance? Because Dancing Can Positively Effect Your Body and Mind

Charleston dance institute

Have you always wanted to learn to dance but you didn’t know where to start? Have you considered that the first dance for a bride at her wedding only goes off without a hitch if she and her partner have put in some practice? The same necessity applies to yourself. If you want to learn to dance, you must be willing to take some dance classes. If you are wondering what such classes could bring to your life, read below.

Why You Should Learn to Dance: The Physical, Cognitive, and Emotional Benefits.

As any good dance instructor will tell you, dancing has many benefits that can be reaped by beginners just as much as by those who choose to (more…)

Sep 19 2017

Catering for Psychological Needs of Your Customers Through Art

Boosts productivity

With the increasing competition in the hospitality sector, there is great need to stay relevant in the market. In order to do that, you need to find ways of not only improving your products and services, but also providing a relaxing atmosphere for your guests and tourists. While consumer preferences are constantly changing, the old technique of luring customers with quality service and products is becoming too common and no longer competitive. Hence the need to think outside the frame.

In recent years, customers and particularly vacationers are looking to create good experiences while delighting in quality services. Therefore, businesses are recoursing towards art and its creative elements, which offer guests with a unique experience. Arts for hotels and restaurants is one of the current trends in th (more…)

Aug 31 2017

Important Things to Consider When Buying a Motor Skateboard

Powered skateboard

Choosing the perfect electric skateboard can be an overwhelming experience and it’s even more challenging if you are new to skating. Looking at the specific features, you are not sure whether to go for a belt driven or in-wheel hub motors. And what’s the ideal battery capacity to power a board for long? Which brand should you consider? These are just some of the concerns people have when thinking of buying a motor skateboard. Whether you’ll be using your skateboard for sporting or transportation purposes, it’s important you find something that will match your needs.

In recent years, people have shifted from the idea of strong brands and instead they are focusing on the specific features a skateboard has. In fact, about 77% of skateboarders prefer to buy small specialty brands over the popular brand na (more…)

Aug 22 2017

4 Tips for Planning the Perfect Backyard Graduation Party

Rent a tent for a wedding

Graduation season is upon us. Children are graduating elementary level school into high school. High school seniors are graduating and moving into college academics. College students are graduating from college programs, moving into the real world. One common tradition among all levels of graduates is the graduation party. Families celebrate the accomplishments of their graduate by serving food and drinks. A graduation party does not have to be an expensive event. You can plan the perfect graduation party for your favorite graduate in your own backyard.

Create a guest list
Every decision that you make will depend on how many guests are expected. You will need to have a close estimate of guests for food count, drink count, spacing, and to know how large of a tent rent (more…)

Jun 21 2017

Important Things That You Should Consider While Carrying out Corporate Event Planning Duties

Casino night party chicago

No matter how handy and smart you might be, planning an event is not something that can be considered easy by any stretch of the imagination. Setting up that perfect corporate event, whether it is a fundraiser for the right cause, a themed party with the sole intention to allow people in your company to relax and unwind, or an event which is strictly business, meant to enhance networking and to forge new business relations, is something that needs to be planned and executed perfectly to be successful, and this is not something everyone can hope to succeed at. In fact, corporate event planning is so difficult that some companies even regularly outsource those responsibilities to party planning and event management professionals. If you have recently been tasked with the responsibility of corporate ev (more…)

Apr 01 2017

Important African American Industry Leaders in the Media

Black news websites

The African American community is a prominent part of the United States population. Currently, there are more than 45 million African Americans living in the U.S., according to the Census Bureau data. That is about 15% of the nation?s population. With African Americans being such an important part of the American makeup, it is also necessary that the country has role models that can accurately represent the population. Celebrity gossip sites will often share news about many different celebrities, but only a few of these are representation worthy.

Oprah Winfrey
Almost everyone, regardless of color or race, has heard of Oprah Winfrey and all of the positive contributions she has made to our country. She is known for being generous and making a change. She is also directly (more…)

Mar 29 2017

5 Benefits of Ballroom Dancing

Tampa ballroom dancing

Ballroom dancing is a fantastic way to get out in your community, stay healthy, and boost cardiovascular health. Especially with the different types of dance available, from the swing to the cha cha and foxtrot, there is a wide variety of dances to choose from depending on interests! Plus, taking ballroom dance lessons brings many physical, social, and emotional benefits. Read on to know more.

1. It is easy to do!

When working with a qualified, experienced instructor will make it that you are not only learning how to dance but having fun at the same time. If you think it is intimidating to learn how to dance, worry no more as this type of dance is perfect for beginners (more…)

Jan 21 2017

5 Places to Hold a Wedding

Corporate event rentals

There are so many options when it comes to wedding venues and decorating options. Some places come already decorated and you really don’t have to do a lot and then there are places that are an entire blank canvas for you to spread out your ideas and vision on. The type of place you go for really just depends on the kind of person you are. Of course there are certain factors in place such as budget and size, etc but for the most part, wedding rentals come in all shapes and sizes and ready for you to take your pick. Here are a few ideas of places that might be open to you.

Rent a Tent for a Wedding
If you want to rent a tent for a wedding there are various ways that you could do it. There’s all kinds of sizes o (more…)

Jan 19 2017

4 Ideas for Making Memories With Your Kids

Branson amusement park

Some of the best childhood memories are the ones that you don’t even necessarily plan out, they just happen. Like that one night when your mom woke up at 2 in the morning because the family decided to go on a spontaneous weekend getaway. And then there are others that are more planned out, like setting up a campsite in the backyard or going to a water park and riding the zip lines or some other kind of family adventure. Here are a few ideas of ways that you can make memories with your kids and still stay close to home.

Tree Houses
There is just something about tree houses that is particularly magical to kids. They feel like anything is possible when they (more…)

Dec 13 2016

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Glass Sculptures

Judy chicago

Glass artwork has been around for a very long time. Some historians date the creation of the first glass back to 5,000 BC when it was developed in what is Syria today and archaeologists place the start date for man made glass at 3,500 BC. Evidence from that time has been found in Egypt and Mesopotamia. As long as there has been glass, people have made it into art. Glass sculptures have been around at least since the invention of glass blowing, which was said to have been started in the first century BC in the Roman Empire.

The modern day studio art movement created new and unusual ways to make art from the material. In 1962, a chemist and engineer, Dominick Labino, teamed up with a ceramics professor, Harvey Littleton to experiment with melting glass. They used a small furnace and began created glass wo (more…)

Dec 11 2016