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Tips for Taking Great eCommerce Photos

Photo editing service for photographer

Online advertising is a huge industry, collecting about $1.5 billion worldwide. Of course, online photography is heavily reliant on visuals — photography especially. But your product photos can’t be low quality or else no one will buy, no matter how good the product descriptions are. Photo editing and professional Photoshop services are one way to ensure that your photos are ready for the web, but first you must lay the groundwork.

Here are a few tips to take great eCommerce photos before sending the images for photo cropping, color correcting, brightening, and otherwise editing.


  • Keep it simple: Use a clean background so the product stands out. White, or other light colors that don’t draw attention from your product work best. Black or very dark b (more…)

Aug 15 2016

5 Secrets Your Wedding Photographer Won’t Tell You

Ywedding photo editingou have spent a lot of precious time planning your wedding, so it is only appropriate that you also dedicate some time to finding a professional wedding photo editing service; that way, you’ll have stunning pictures of your event for years to come! Your photographer is undoubtedly an important part of your day, so you don’t want to hire just anyone. Read on to learn five secrets your wedding photographer won’t tell you.

1. Pick a photographer based on your vision and style

You do not want to be stuck with a photographer who has a different style than you, which can result in getting pictures and photo editing services you are not interested in. Considering that professional photographs are twice as likely as user-generated photographs to be shared, you want your style to come through and shine!

2. Different looks require different equipment

Say you like pictures with a focal point and a blurry background. And you like images with soft colors, a vintage look, and/or sharp contrast pictures. Each of these requires different equipment, photo cropping, and photo culling services, so make sure to talk to your photographer about your preferences before the wedding, in order to ensure you can achieve the look you desire.

3. They are paid hourly

Typically, wedding photographers are paid hourly, so make sure to keep this in mind when you book them for your day. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates that in 2013 professional photographers had an average hourly pay of $17.88. Some photographers may negotiate a flat fee based on the number of hours and number of pictures you want, but you have to clear that before signing any agreements, so there aren’t any surprises down the line. Also, make sure to talk to the agency you are working with, as more and more photography companies are hiring freelancers. This means that in some cases you may not have the same photographer at your wedding than the one you spoke with.

4.It is hard to exactly replicate pictures found online

While a good photographer is able to try their best in replicating a photo you found online, it can be impossible due to factors such as light and location. You’ll also want to give your photographer a little freedom to be creative, too; most artists won’t want to spend their energy trying to exactly emulate someone else’s work.

5. Asking for specific shots isn’t always a good idea

Let the photographer capture candid, hidden moments from throughout the day instead of focusing only on specific shots. This way you will be able to have all the emotions from the day documented, and it will make the wedding photo editing for the photographer much easier.

With these tips in mind, your wedding pictures will turn out fabulous. Just don’t forget to smile!

Aug 11 2016

Are You Getting Ready for Your Senior Portraits?

Photography touch up services

A few hours at the pool for a little extra color.
A detailed plan of the outfits that you plan to wear.
Necessary props like the gymnastics leotards, the medals, the piano sheet music, and a couple of your favorite books.
This list might actually sound like a packing list for someone who is getting ready for a vacation to go visit family members that you have not seen in a while. Your best clothes, some extra sunshine for a healthy glow, and some of your favorite possessions to help your friends and relatives catch up with what you have been doing since you saw them last. These particular items, however, are not packed for a visit. Instead, they are all for the afternoon’s main activity: senior pictures!
The amount of energy it takes to prepare for today’s senior class pictures i (more…)

Aug 09 2016

Why Your Real Estate Business Needs Color Correction Services

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A high class real estate deal requires high class photography editing services. Nothing cheapens the look of a million dollar home more than a standard point and shoot camera job.

In fact, it’s been shown that homes in the $400,000 to $500,000 range will sell within six months, 64% of the time, when captured and advertised using high-end DSLR cameras. By comparison, only 46% of point-and-shoot photos sold as quickly. The same trend holds true for million dollar homes: 35% within six months for the professional real estate photo editing jobs, and only 30% of the regular ones.

There are a number of reasons why that might be. For one, professional photo editing (more…)

Jul 22 2016

The Storied History of Ebony Magazine, 1945 to Present Day

Black entertainment news

While the landscape of black media and black celebrity news has changed many times over in the past 75 years, Ebony magazine has been a steady constant. As the famous African-American magazine changes owners for the first time in its history, what’s next for the future of black entertainment news in the 21st century?

The Past, Present and Future of Ebony Magazine

For everyone in America, 1945 was a tough year. It was the year that the bloodiest war in the history of planet earth came to a violent conclusion. It was the year President Franklin Delano Roosevelt died. It was also the year that Chicago native John. H. Johnson founded Ebony, the original black magazine. Nine years in the future, Brown v. Board of Education would help usher in a new frontier in t (more…)

Jun 17 2016

Planning a Corporate Theme Party? Put an Interesting Twist of Things by Making It a Casino Night

Casino night party chicago

Being a business HR manager involves many different responsibilities, one of the most important of which is making sure that employees at different levels of the company gel well with each other, reach a level of comfort and camaraderie and work in tandem towards common business goals. A lot of the nuances that affect the relationships of employees with each other and the management are affected by what goes on inside your corporate workspace, which is why it is sometimes essential to just get out, encourage everyone to let their hair down, and have a good, fun time with each other. If you are looking for one of the best ways to take your business employees out of the office and into a fun zone where they can unwind, and want to arrange a corporate theme party, having a casino night party can be a (more…)

Jun 09 2016

The Many Benefits of Dance

Dance studio

Dancing is a sport, an art form, and for some, it is a way of life. You don’t have to be Fred Astaire or Jennifer Lopez to have a good time shakin’ it to the beat. Whether you are classically trained or just making it up as you go along, dancing can be the perfect hobby to keep you happy and healthy.

There are a number of benefits to participating in dance from increasing daily physical activity to making friends to reducing stress. Whether you are attending a group dance class at a dance studio or rocking out at a night club, letting loose and moving your body can be extremely beneficial for your mental and physical health.

The Benefits of Dance

  1. Studies show that pa (more…)

Apr 28 2016

The Hottest Wedding Trends of 2014

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TheKnot, “the nation’s leading wedding resource” according to The Washington Post, released its predictions for 2014′s hottest wedding trends on January 7. The trends range from social media-centered proposals to a step back to nature, with woodsy receptions and over-the-top floral displays. Here are the latest trends for brides and grooms to be:

Social Media Proposals?

Believe it or not, more beaus are getting up off one knee and proposing on social media sites instead. WTAQ reports that 15% of participants in one British poll even prefer a public proposal via social media. A much more popular — and widely accepted trend — is recording proposals for hundreds of social media users to see. “Hopeful grooms, it seems, are increasingly willing to pu (more…)

Feb 06 2014

Sound Like Jimi Hendrix With These Guitar Pedals

T-rex pedals

How can you take your guitar playing to the next level? According to a study slated to be published in The Psychology of Music, guitarists are hotter than their peers. The study featured a male subject asking women for a date in three different scenarios: first, carrying nothing; second, carrying a gym bag; and, third, carrying a guitar case. The subject was most successful with a guitar case in tow.

For most, however, playing the guitar is not just for show. Truly mastering your technique and pulling off some of the effects and riffs of industry favorites requires dedication — and a set of quality guitar effect pedals. What do effect pedals do, and what guitar pedal kits are your favorite musicians using?

Guitar Effect Pedals: What They Do

Jan 30 2014

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